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» » Prince Of Denmark - The Body
Prince Of Denmark - The Body Mp3 album

Prince Of Denmark - The Body Mp3 album

Prince Of Denmark
The Body
10 Sep 2013
Techno, Dub Techno, House, Ambient
MP3 archive size:
1289 mb
FLAC archive size:
2762 mb


4Your Body7:34
5Cut 027:44
6(In The End) The Ghost Ran Out Of Memory9:04
9Cut Untitled Cut7:22


  • Mastered By, Lacquer Cut ByCGB


Track durations and BPM not given.
A1: 124
B1: 122 | B2: 122
C1: 128
D1: 126 | D2: 130
E1: 120
F1: 126 | F2: 119

Repressed in 2015



  • Mastered At – Dubplates & Mastering


  • Im willing to exchange my mint copy of Giegling - Various (with Kettekarussell - Maybe) with POD - The BODYPM

  • Well good luck with that lol!!!10 Words 10 words 10 words

  • I also have unplayed copies of Nothing 2 Loose and Mudshadow Propaganda. I'm willing to trade either for a copy of The Body (at least VG+).

  • Am willing to trade this which I own a mint copy of for the Prime Minister of Doom LP. Anyone interested?

  • Strange there’s no Cd releases on this label, Guess I’ll have to keep forking out ludicrous amounts of cash in order to listen. Give us options, thought we’d left the dark ages!!

  • The original pressing has a pretty severe skip, which is why that recoord was repressed and offered as a replacement. I have both versions. Oddly, the repressing also has its imperections. Has anyone else expienced this as well or is this just bad luck on my part?Regardless, until this day I think that this has been his most impressive release. Just perfection from start to finish.

  • back then, I had a severe skip on E1, that wasn't caused by scratch but by pressing/prod. process. I got another E/F disc couple of weeks later w/o any mistakes and could also keep the "bad one".

  • hellooo.. i also have a brand new copy of the Prime Minister of Doom 3xLP and I would like to swap it for a copy of this if anyone is interested? Must be nm/m- please. Let me know!

  • Hello all I have a brand new copy of the Prime Minister of Doom 3xLP and I would like to swap it for a copy of this if anyone is interested? Must be nm/m- please. Let me know!

  • i would actually like to swap my near mint copy with you :)

  • Offered someone £40 for this. Man said no. That's fair enough I guess.

  • I would say that’s accurate. It’s a very good album. Not worth some of the money people are paying, me included, but then again I’m a bit of discogs degenerate lol. I really like this album, it works as an LP or as a dance floor tool but I really think PMofD is his best work. This and 8 are a bit of a toss up IMO. 40£ would be very reasonable to offer. Giegling is repressing a bunch of stuff recently hopefully this gets one too.

  • You should have offered £4.20, probably would have agreed to that

  • Overwhelming, ill, hypnotic dub-ish techno. Unique kind of feeling, a trip deep into the soul of its producer

  • The side F is criminal, is a voyage side, love it!

  • F1 is really sick !!! ! ! ! ! !

  • "Your body" sample Chip E 'Time to Jack' perhaps? wuz Traumprinz watching the Channel4 'History of House Music' many moons ago?

  • I don´t understand it. In my opinion this album is very very boring...sold it...and happy with....

  • got the V-VI disc.don't know why....if someone is interested.....

  • on the first pressing - there was a skip on the maradou track. Giegling offered a free replacement and you could keep the "damaged" record as well! :)

  • Excellencia for my ears.

  • Very big

  • one of the few minds left with a unique vision, recommended !

  • you might have a point there, but anyone who makes an argument like you without mentioning at least a few artists who are unique (or whatever you want to call them) and finish off with "period" is a closed-minded person - in such an open scene, not a good state of mind to be in.

  • big tunes

  • everyone who wants a corrected e/f side: please write an email to us.

  • What's the problem with E/F side?? Thanks.

  • m m

  • please repress this excellent record, the prices are absurd. i think the purpose of records is not trading at high prices but playing them.greetings from offenbach

  • Bitte ????

  • Wie waere es mit einem repress? :-)

  • Where can one buy this in USA? OR even in europe with shipping?

  • This is not really a review, but...I was in Berlin two weeks ago, and I had all the time of the world to listen to this one inside a record store. So I did. Really took my time, settled down, and carefully went through all six sides - twice. Now, it's no secret that I am no dub techno addict, but this one just did not take me places I hope for. This is glacial music, no doubt, and this triple pack presents a sound plethora most heads are pursuing these days, but it just doesn't cut it for me. However, the subtleties of this album will dazzle some of you, no doubt, but an old Blueprint / Surface / Downwards / Rodz-Konez geek like me will just have to seek out his thrills elsewhere.I picked up the latest Steve O' Sullivan record instead, and I think I made the right decision. I could of bought this one, and tried making a fortune off some of you here, but that is not how I play, or function. I don't say this often, but those of you picking up vinyl not because you like it, but to resell it for inflated prices to those with less luck, have never really understood music. Sorry to say it, you might be excellent executives and what not, but music is clearly not your niche... Or worse yet, it is, or could have been, but you traded all of that for a few extra ten euro paper bills, which is not something people should usually feel good about. My cents.I neatly placed the vinyls back in their sleeves, and put the album back in the bin. I want someone who really enjoys the sounds of Prince Of Denmark to come, and pick the release up, leaving the store with the same smile on their face I had when exiting through the door with my brand spanking new O' Sullivan record.

  • u could buy it, just to sell it now. prices are crazy

  • jv a

  • You know what collecting music is about!!!

  • I got in touch with Geigling. They were sound about it. I got a flac copy of Mardou for the time being whilst the repress is being dealt with. I got in touch using the contact details on the website.

  • : )

  • this is the kind of record that i'm proud that its part of my collection

  • Spoke to someone who confirmed he was able to get in touch with Giegling and have a new copy of the E/F record sent - at his own shipping expense. Not ideal but not bad - if you own this, make sure you get a fixed copy without the pressing issue. Too good to suffer from a mispress.

  • 'cut untitled cut'...........on the loudest system you can find

  • Is there going to be a repress without the skip?

  • yes. just contact us directly please.

  • I have the skip too. Who is the Distributor of this Release?I need a correct copie!!!

  • we distribute the record ourselves. everyone please contact us for the corrected version.

  • we are very sorry about the skip. there will be a corrected version. write us a mail and you will get a new e/f-side of the record.

  • Please repress! There is a lot more demand :)

  • I also have the skip on Mardou - annoying!

  • my copy has a really nasty skip on "Mardou", anyone else have this?

  • please let me know if you want a corrected version.

  • please let me know if you want a corrected version.

  • please let me know if you want a corrected version.

  • on mine

  • Yes, multiple people have the same issue.Not that nasty, just a imperfection.

  • Have heard all of these songs dozens of times before, on account of absolutely loving his work and the previews of it he gave on the LWE Podcast.... even still, I'm definitely buying a physical copy of this. One of the more interesting producers around right now, in my opinion. Between this and the Traumprinz alias, he is putting out some very intriguing work... always classy and understated, something a little more than your standard (dub) techno; something inexplicably evocative about it (especially that Fifty Engineers release, wow). Prince of Denmark has a well-tuned kick-drum to die for, and this record will be a bomb in anyone's collection! One of the best LP's of 2013!

  • Only 3 records released in 4 years (at least archived on this site) and I own and love them all.Prince Of Denmark has an organic, edgy sound that is dark, minimal, and infectious. I love the slight use of voice samples as they always seem to blend well, rather than seem forced or random. "The Body" is a strong work through and through... and like all of POD's releases, they tend to disappear quick so get it while you can!

  • Your Body. Oh man

  • Really feeling this album. Great stuff. Will support for sure!

  • Great Album!

  • not so interesting as his previous releases!